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We recently had the pleasure of working on our first project with CMT, creating an original song for the premiere of the 14th season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The song was used in the launch campaign, and will also be used as the new show open.


We headed to Nashville to record with the amazing Cassadee Pope, who sang vocals on the track. Cassadee was the winner of The Voice in 2012, and we couldn't have been happier to have her involved with this project.

It's been busy times here at EarShock, but this project was one that we had to share. One of the most well known hip-hop songs from the 80s has to be Push It by Salt-N-Pepa. That iconic synth line, the grooving beat, the powerful vocals. It's a true classic.

And when we were approached to recreate the song with a lyrical twist, we jumped at the chance. 

Vinnie and Pauly D from Jersey Shore are starring in their own dating show on MTV, entitled "Double Shot at Love." So instead of "Push It," the song was altered to become "Smush It," with lyrics that reflect Vinnie and Pauly D's lifestyle. We had a blast working with the creative team at MTV and the amazing vocalist Sienna Jeffries!

Way back.... the 80s: MTV was a channel that played only music videos. They had this great guitar theme that would play to the images of a rocket blasting off. That theme was used for many years on the channel, but eventually it was phased out.

Well, now it's almost 3 decades later, and EarShock had the opportunity to recreate that classic guitar theme, and re-purpose it for the newly re-branded MTV Films. Take a listen!

Who doesn't love Lynyrd Skynyrd?


We are huge fans, and were thrilled to be asked to create a brand new version of the song from the ground up for the 2nd season of MTV's hit show Floribama Shore. Of course the song's vocals were changed to "Sweet Home Floribama." And we were fortunate enough to work with female vocalist Chrissi Poland to give it a different twist. The song is featured across the entire Floribama Shore Season 2 campaign on-air and online. Keep your eyes and ears open for it!

Winter is over, but MTV's show Winter Break - Hunter Mountain will live on in our minds as one of the most raucous, fun shows of the year so far. Eight 20-somethings head to Hunter Mountain to ski, snow-board, and party!

EarShock created the theme for the show! Check it out, and as a BONUS hear the full-length version too.

Rob Dyrdek is back with another show! First there was Rob & Big, then Fantasy Factory, followed by Ridiculousness. Now Rob has a fourth show on MTV: Amazingness. This is his take on a talent show, and is filled with all sorts of crazy stunts and talents. EarShock created a punk inspired track to pair with the no-holds-barred feel of Rob's new show.

Teyana & Iman, VH1's new show about recording artist/fashion model/actress Teyana Taylor and her NBA star husband, Iman Shumpert is a look into their superstar lifestyle. EarShock created a throwback 80s synth/funk track to propel this campaign to superstar heights.

Catfish is back for a 7th Season, and the launch campaign for this season forces the viewer to ask some uncomfortable questions about themselves, and the perpetually connected world that we all live in.

It's easy to watch the show, point fingers, and judge. But what happens when you truly examine yourself and your own online habits?

Nick Cannon is still going strong with the 10th season of his show, Wild 'N Out.


EarShock was pleased to be able to contribute to the promotional campaign of the latest season of the show.

We went back in time to produce this early 2000s hip-hop inspired track. Big brass with a heavy beat was the order. Congrats Nick, and here's to another 10 seasons!

MTV is taking you back to the 90s! 90’s House is a competition show that places 12 housemates in a 90’s inspired house and forces them to officially unplug their modern-day devices and party like it’s 1990. And EarShock was tasked with creating a throwback theme for the show. Booyah!

Waaaaaay back! To the 90's. That's right, this year VH1 decided to honor hip-hop from the 1990's on their awards show, Hip Hop Honors. EarShock was invited to go on that journey back in time, and was inspired all over again by great hip-hop artists from that decade.

We love what we do, but we haven't had this much fun in a long time! We were given full license to use and abuse Autotune, in this spot promoting the hit VH1 show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and J. Lo's new show on NBC, World of Dance.

May 10, 2017

We had the great fortune to work on the launch campaign for this new VH1 show that follows the lives of daytime talk show hosts. It stars the Grammy and Emmy nominated Vanessa Williams. Creating the music for this re-imagination of the 50 Cent song P.I.M.P was a blast! And Ms. Williams really pulled it off!

It all makes sense: The MTV Video Music Awards are all about the Moon Man, so pairing with Orbit gum fits together nicely. This was also a great spot for us to work on because it's a nod to all the people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. This was the first year that the VMAs gave out awards for people behind the scenes. We support this whole-heartedly!

Centric, the television network for black women, asked EarShock to create music for their new image campaign. A hip, empowering, urban underscore was the order. We had a great time working with the team at Centric creating this music. Take a listen, and see what you think.

Not to overload everyone with MTV's The Challenge Rivals III, but we've got BIG NEWS: A few weeks ago we showed you a promo for the show that we composed music for (see below), but we were also tapped to compose the show theme. Give it a listen!

This season of the MTV competition show, The Challenge, was filmed in Mexico, and EarShock was tasked with creating music that combined the chaotic, no holds barred feel of the show with tribal elements.

Thanksgiving is upon us, and Logo TV is showing a marathon of holiday/family/friends movies and TV shows.


Logo tapped us to create a fun, upbeat, electro-pop track for this spot. We had a blast working with the Logo team on this one. Hopefully you will enjoy!

MTV's The Challenge is adding a new twist this season. Titling this season The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines, competitors will battle it out WITH and AGAINST their own flesh and blood in pursuit of the $350,000 prize.


They really wanted to build the tension in this spot, and EarShock was commissioned to provide a score that would help get the blood pumping, and ramp up the drama. Take a listen for youself!

October 02, 2015

We created music for the Verizon Hopeline campaign. This is a great campaign where Verizon is collecting used cellphones and accessories and will use the proceeds from those goods to help domestic violence victims.

June 30, 2015

So MTV decided to turn the movie Scream into a TV show. We got a chance to do some music for the launch campaign.

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